Workshops at Mariners Landing

Intro To Yoga Workshop

Monday, March 6th at 9:30 am | with Alina

Join Full Distance owner, physical therapist, and yoga instructor Alina Dawson for a special one-hour introduction to Mariners Landing yoga classes.

Experience the benefits of using physical therapy-based principles when learning the fundamentals of yoga and understand the difference between Lisa’s Yin Yoga and Debbie’s Flow Yoga classes at Mariners Landing. Alina will share props to assist with relaxation, balance, support, and posture. Use tools like yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, knee pads, or an extra yoga mat to improve alignment and even attain a deeper stretch! Alina will lead you through a back extension and hip opener series of poses to ensure you feel stretched from head to toe! Learn how to attain various warrior postures, single-leg balance poses, maintain a neutral spine and use your breath throughout your practice and beyond!

Grateful Aging Program

Friday, March 10th at 9 am | with Alina

Full Distance owner & physical therapist Alina Dawson will lead our Grateful Aging Program to encourage seniors to focus on the positive aspects of their lives. She will inform participants how Full Distance can help break down barriers and reach their goals.

Alina will touch on activities like meditation, yoga, mindfulness, or gratitude exercises, which help older adults to cultivate a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the things they have and where they are in life. This Grateful Aging Program will also allow people to connect with others with a similar interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Alina will share how full Distance can support older adults as they work towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our services, like physical therapy, personal training, occupational therapy, fitness classes, and massage therapy, can all help people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, this Grateful Aging Program is a holistic approach to aging that emphasizes positivity, gratitude, and healthy living. By embracing these principles, seniors can live fulfilling and joyful lives, even as they age, with the help and support of our team at Full Distance in Mariners Landing. 

Assisted Stretching Workshop

Monday, March 13th at 5:30 pm | with Jason & Alina 

Do you wake up with low back pain and stiffness? Have trouble sleeping? Are you looking to lower your stress and increase your energy levels? Are you trying to improve your core strength and posture? Would you like to enhance your athletic performance while reducing recovery time and lowering your injury risk? Assisted stretching is your answer to these questions and is one of the most underutilized practices while being one of the most beneficial. 

At Full Distance, our skilled personal trainers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists use stretching programs tailored to individuals and their goals with weekly visits and a customized daily home exercise program. We also offer group fitness classes, virtual instruction, and more. Our customers range from 8 to 90-plus and encompass people from those working behind a desk all day to elite athletes and those with movement disorders and neuromuscular disease.

This assisted stretching workshop is facilitated by Dr. Alina Dawson, Owner of Full Distance and Physical Therapist will include an educational presentation, hands-on demonstration, and answering frequently asked questions. Wear loose clothing, bring a water bottle and maybe even a friend! 

Senior Health & Fitness Education

Tuesday, March 14th at 11 am | with Jason & Alina

Hosted by Full Distance owner & physical therapist Alina Dawson and Personal Trainer Jason Mullins, this complimentary workshop is designed to provide an overview of resources available at Full Distance with the primary goal of keeping older adults healthy and fit! This workshop includes education and instructor-led activities, including a demonstration on performing a stand-to-floor and floor-to-stand transfer (how to get off the floor if you have a fall) and promoting senior fitness testing.

What is senior fitness testing?

Fitness is important for everyone but is crucial for those in their senior years. Older adults must have adequate strength, flexibility, and endurance to accomplish everyday tasks. We use senior fitness testing to detect weaknesses that can be treated before resulting in severe functional limitations and loss of independence.

What is the Senior Fitness Test? 

The Senior Fitness Test was developed as part of the LifeSpan Wellness Program at Fullerton University by Dr. Roberta Rikli and Dr. Jessie Jones. As such, the test is sometimes known as the Fullerton Functional Test. It is a simple, easy-to-use battery of test items that assess the functional fitness of older adults. Using minimal and inexpensive equipment, the test describes easy-to-understand and practical tests to measure aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility.

What are the tests?

The individual fitness test items involve everyday activities such as getting up from a chair, walking, lifting, bending, and stretching. The tests were developed to be safe and enjoyable for older adults while meeting scientific reliability and validity standards. Here is a list of the tests, with links to more details for each.

▪ Chair Stand Test — testing lower body strength

▪ Arm Curl Test — testing upper body strength

▪ Chair Sit and Reach Test — lower body flexibility test

▪ Back Scratch Test — upper body flexibility test

▪ 8-Foot Up and Go Test — agility test

▪ Walk Test (6 minutes) or Step in Place Test (2 minutes) — The walk test assesses aerobic fitness