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 Full Distance is a holistic solution for people of all ages and stages focused on providing access, education, and support to those wishing to live an active, purposeful, and serene life. Explore a Full Distance location below and start your wellness journey today.

Innovative Physical Therapy

Dr. Alina Dawson, Geriatric Clinical Specialist, LSVT-BIG Certified, and Registered Yoga Teacher, founded Full Distance with a unique vision for how her practice would provide physical therapy. Physical therapy at Full Distance is meant to provide each client with the information, attention, and motivation to go the full distance for themselves. Our physical therapists are well-rounded and constantly evolving their skill sets to provide the best care for each and every patient. Our unique therapists working alongside Alina and her team, can provide comprehensive treatment plans involving other branches of Full Distance. We encourage our patients to go above and beyond and provide them with the care and services to live an active and healthy life. 

Upcoming Workshops

About The Owner

I am Dr. Alina Dawson, owner & CEO of Full Distance, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Geriatric Clinical Specialist, LSVT-BIG Certified, and Registered Yoga Teacher. After being a lifetime fitness guru, playing Division II college basketball and tennis, finishing 18 marathons, finishing three full-distance triathlons, and raising three children, I gained a unique view of how fitness & wellness intertwine. In 2016, I started my own business Dr. Alina, and over the past six years, I have changed my perception of myself and the world around me. I have learned to accept the good and bad things in life and focus on striving to feel capable of handling whatever comes my way without relying on any person, place, or thing. Having a spiritual awakening or transformation is unique to each person. My transformation brought me back to finish what I had started in 2016. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, testing my faith, I rebranded Dr. Alina, LLC, to DBA Full Distance….

House Calls With Full Distance

Full Distance provides specific house call services throughout Loudoun and Bedford County, Virginia. Our house call branch consists of in-home Physical & Occupational therapy, care coordination, and companion care. Learn more about our house call services and contact us to find out what care is best for you or a family member.

Mariners Landing

Our Full Distance location in Huddleston, VA, is housed in Mariner’s Landing, a beautiful community with a lakefront resort, country club amenities, award-winning restaurants, and Full Distance. We cater our therapy services and group classes directly to the community at Mariner’s Landing and extend our house call services to patients throughout Bedford County.

Purcellville Studio

Our Full Distance Studio is located right off Main St. in the heart of Purcellville. Previously a historic firehouse now converted into our beautiful open studio. We provide a wide variety of group classes as well as provide one on one therapy and training sessions. We also extend our house call services to patients throughout Loudoun County


“Sometimes in life it’s not what you know, but who you know. I’m grateful that I know Dr. Alina and I recommend Full Distance when you really do need to go the full distance.”

– Andy N.