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Full Distance is a holistic solution for people of all ages and stages focused on providing access, education, and support to those wishing to live an active, purposeful, and serene life. Explore a Full Distance location below to start your wellness journey today.

Innovative Physical Therapy

Dr. Alina Dawson, Geriatric Clinical Specialist, LSVT-BIG Certified, and Registered Yoga Teacher, founded Full Distance with a unique vision for how her practice would provide physical therapy. Physical therapy at Full Distance is meant to provide each client with the information, attention, and motivation to go the full distance for themselves. Our physical therapists are well-rounded and constantly evolving their skill sets to provide the best care for each and every patient. Our unique therapists work alongside Alina and her team, providing comprehensive treatment plans. We encourage our patients to go above and beyond, providing them the care and services they need to live an active and healthy life. 

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Locations in Purcellville, VA and at Mariners Landing.

We have two Full Distance locations: Full Distance at Mariners Landing and The Purcellville Studio. We also provide our services in the form of house calls throughout Bedford County and Loudoun County. Let us know which location you will be receiving services so we can schedule appointments or tours for you.


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At both of our Full Distance locations, we provide a vast number of services to help you reach your goals. Give us a call, text or email and we will be more than happy to recommend what services would suit you best.


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If you would like more clarity on how to get started, contact us, and we will offer you a complimentary wellness consultation with one of our therapists or trainers. From there you can start your own personalized wellness journey with Full Distance as your support system!

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