Group Classes

What are the benefits of group classes?

Group Fitness classes are beneficial in many different ways. Our classes provide an opportunity to socialize and meet new people working towards a similar goal and lifestyle. Working out in a group setting with others can be incredibly motivating versus working out alone. The energy and enthusiasm of the group can make exercising more fun and enjoyable. All of our instructors take the time to guide and support all the members of their classes, ensuring that everyone performs their exercises safely and effectively.

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Class Descriptions

Morning Stretch Yoga

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Full Body Stretch

Full Body Stretch teaches seated & standing stretches performed in a chair & /or using a chair for support. Great for all levels to increase flexibility & functional mobility to maintain an active, independent lifestyle!

Body Pump

Body Pump is a resistance workout using various resistance training equipment, including dumbbells, resistance bands, and weighted bars. All exercises are intended to build strength and muscular endurance as well as define the muscles of the entire body.


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Zumba is a fun fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves incorporating interval training – alternating fast and slow rhythms – to help improve cardiovascular fitness. This fun, addictive dance party will begin with a warm-up and end with a cool-down and some static stretching.

Gait, Strength, & Balance

This class assists you in increasing awareness of body alignment & the effects of strengthening upper & lower extremities to maintain balance & gait. Instruction-based exercises in a friendly and low-key atmosphere. Great for beginners or seniors looking for a safely paced yet challenging class.

Low Impact

Low Impact is a 45-minute class focused on strength and balance. This class is fast-paced with medium intensity. The class will break down into three sections. The first part will be balance; the second will be cardio that everyone can do; the third will be lower and upper body strengthening. This is a great class for those just starting out.

Circuit Training

Our circuit training class consists of 4-10 different strength and/or cardio-based exercises which are performed at different stations one after the other. All exercises will be 30 seconds to 1 minute and include a 15-second break between stations.

Aerial Stretch

In this aerial fitness class, we use the hammock to increase flexibility and strength throughout the whole body. Class starts with soothing sound bowl meditation and eases into a wonderful stretching flow experience with some strength training to tone & lengthen the muscles.

Chair Core Exercises

This low-intensity class includes a collection of challenging but safe core exercises focusing on strengthening your lower back and abdominal muscles. The class is both seated and standing. You will not be sitting or lying on the ground.

Cardio Kickboxing/Insanity

This class combines cardio, resistance, and circuit training using no gym equipment but purely body weight resistance. We go by 3-minute intervals and include 30-second recovery periods. This class will burn a high number of calories and build fitness and muscle strength. Get your heart pumping and feet moving with this empowering, fun, fast workout!


Description Coming Soon

Groove Fitness

This is a fun dance class based on the Groove method, encompassing the fitness of the whole person – mind, body, and soul, with an eclectic mixture of music styles to raise energy and excitement in every class. Use your creativity to explore every level, every possibility, and angle in your body with groove fitness!

Spin, Strength, & Stretch

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Aerial Tricks

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