Fitness & Wellness Classes at Mariners Landing

Full Distance at Mariners Landing in Huddleston, VA offers a variety of fitness and wellness classes.

Our classes include Yin Yoga, Aquafit, Flow Yoga, and Gentle Chair Yoga.

Additionally, we have classes that are complimentary for Mariners Landing owners and members including spin, circuit training, agility, walking, and flexibility. 

See below for class schedule and descriptions!

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Class Schedule - Mariners Landing

Class Descriptions

Aquafit is a water fitness class for all ages and abilities. Every movement is met with water resistance to improve the range of motion, build muscles, increase mobility, and burn calories. Exercising in the water is less demanding and stressful on the joints, making it ideal for seniors and those recovering from injury. It benefits internal organs and the lymphatic system as hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy assist blood flow back to the heart and encourages lymphatic drainage, leaving you refreshed rather than exhausted. Conclude with deep breathing exercises and group discussions on positivity and gratitude through the struggles of daily life.

Flow Yoga focuses on the connection between breath, movement, and the mind. It is based on the principles of hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, and ashtanga vinyasa. This style of yoga is referred to as ‘flow’ because it moves from one pose to another in a continuous, smooth way. This class requires the mobility to perform a sequence of poses transitioning from standing to the floor and back to standing, including plank, upward-facing dog, and down dog that are part of sun salutations. This flow offers strength, balance, mobility, flexibility, concentration, breath work, and often some form of meditation, which makes it a great starting point for beginners yet has the potential to challenge the advanced yogi!

Yin Yoga is a gentle, mindful practice that holds seated and reclined poses with the support of props. Target the deep connective tissues of the joints, ligaments, and tendons to improve joint mobility and strength while increasing blood circulation for a healthier body. Lisa will help you discover creative ways to use props to support the body so your muscles can relax, helping to calm the body and mind.

Use a chair in seated and standing poses to stabilize the body while increasing balance, flexibility, and strength. Gently stretch and lengthen the body while decreasing tension in the shoulders and back. This class is perfect for seniors, those recovering from injuries, pregnancy, and those seeking to slow down their yoga practices.

Pedal to the rhythm of energizing music, incorporating intervals, sprints, climbs, and more on stationary bikes. Suitable for all fitness levels, this immersive and motivating class will leave you feeling accomplished and energized. Get ready to sweat, burn calories, and have a blast in our exhilarating spin bike class! 

Dynamic drills to improve balance, agility, coordination, fall prevention, and footwork. Perfect for pickleball players.

Stretching while deep breathing. Great for golfers who want to open up their T spine, shoulders, and hips and keep their cool on the course.

Join our energetic and fun line dancing class! Perfect for all ages and skill levels, our sessions offer a great way to get moving, learn new dance steps, and meet new people. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, our sessions blend energetic music with easy-to-follow dance routines. No partner required—just bring your enthusiasm and a smile! Come dance with us and enjoy a fantastic workout while having a blast.

What are the benefits of group workout classes?

Group fitness classes offer a range of benefits, including motivation and accountability through a supportive environment. Structured workouts led by certified instructors provide diversity, expert guidance, and opportunities for social interaction.

The variety of exercises, competition, and fun elements contribute to increased adherence and enjoyment. These classes are time-efficient, adaptable for different fitness levels, and positively impact mental health. Overall, group fitness classes provide a holistic approach to well-being, addressing the physical, social, and mental aspects of a healthy lifestyle.